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It doesn't feel like PKM 2020 has passed and entered the PKM 2021 program, no less exciting as in previous years, almost every campus in every region in Indonesia has been following with great enthusiasm, and thousands of students have joined this program. How can you not participate, students will be funded for their research if they have ideas and titles that are related to the problem and answer problems as well as the innovation side and the uniqueness of the title. In addition, at the top of the PKM event, PIMNAS will be held, which is a rewards program for the owner of the best ideas and presenting the results of their research well, and in the end they will receive various prizes from the Ministry of Education and Culture and will be invited directly to Jakarta and participate in the 17 August ceremony with the President of the Republic of Indonesia.

Come on, take a look at the following reviews, so you don't stutter, what is PKM!

History of PKM?

Higher education graduates are required to have academic knowledge, skills of thinking, management skills, and communication skills. A deficiency in any of the four skills/skills can lead to reduced quality of graduates. Synergy will be reflected in the ability of graduates to quickly find solutions to the problems they face. Thus, the thoughts and behavior shown by students will be creative (unique and useful) and constructive (can be realized). The ability to think and act creatively, in essence, can be done by every human being, especially those who enjoy higher education.

Creativity is an integrative manifestation of three main factors in humans, namely: thoughts (cognitive), feelings (affective), and skills (psychomotor). In the mind factor, there is imagination, perception, and reason. The feeling factor consists of emotion, aesthetics, and harmony. While the skill factor contains talent, physique, and experience. Thus, in order for students to reach a creative level, the three factors are attempted to be optimal in an activity called the Student Creativity Program (PKM).

PKM was first implemented in 2001, after the implementation of the restructuring program within the Directorate General of Higher Education Directorate General of Education and Culture. Meanwhile, the National Student Imiah Week (PIMNAS) which was held in 2002 was the PIMNAS-I PKM activity. Educational, research, and community service activities that have been full of active student participation are integrated into one vehicle, namely PKM. Previously, in 1997 Ditlitabmas had initiated special activities for students, namely Student Alternative Work and KAM combined with the Entrepreneurship Culture Development Program in Higher Education, PPBKPT. KAM then grew to become the forerunner of PKM.

PKM was developed to lead students to reach the level of enlightenment of creativity and innovation based on mastery of science and technology and high faith. In order to prepare themselves to be leaders who are intellectual, independent, and wise entrepreneurs, students are given the opportunity to implement their abilities, skills, attitudes, responsibilities, build teamwork and develop independence through creative activities in their respective fields of knowledge.

What are the fields of PKM?

Initially, there were five types of activities offered in PKM, namely PKM-Research (PKM-P), PKM-Entrepreneurship (PKM-K), PKM-Community Service (PKM-M), PKM-Application of Technology (PKM-T), and PKM-Scientific Writing (PKM-I). However, since January 2009, Ditlitabmas has managed 6 (six) PKMs. Student Writing Competition (KKTM) which was originally the task of the Academic Directorate in managing it, was delegated to Ditlitabmas. Because it is identical to PKM-I, KKTM is then managed jointly by PKM-I in PKM-Karya Written (PKMKT). Thus, the PKM-KT contained two writing programs, namely: PKM-Scientific Articles (PKM-AI) and PKM-Written Ideas (PKM-GT). PKM-I or hereinafter referred to as PKM-AI which is an article resulting from activities is no longer displayed in PIMNAS, but published in the e-journal. Meanwhile, PKM-GT, which has the opportunity to be discussed in an open forum, is positioned as a substitute for PKM-AI at PIMNAS. In 2011, the number of PKM fields increased to 7 (seven) with the introduction of the PKM-Karsa Cipta. In 2015, there was a transfer of PKM management from the Directorate of Research and Community Service (DRPM) to the Directorate General of Learning and Student Affairs (DitjenBelmawa).

In 2019, another social media-based PKM field was introduced, namely PKM-GFK (Constructive Futuristic Ideas) which has the opportunity to be presented at PIMNAS. PKM is intended for students in all tertiary institutions through the provision of funds that are competitive, accountable and transparent. Criteria covering the core of activities such as activity material, education level, number of members, assistant lecturers, cost allocation, final report, and outputs from the seven PKM activities are presented in the following table:


What are the benefits of joining PKM?

The benefits of PKM for students include sharpening creativity, sharpening writing and conveying and expressing ideas, gaining experience, gaining recognition, and getting acquaintances or connections and the greatest benefit is helping to build Indonesia or the local area through the creative ideas they have. In making PKM, what students have to do if they don't have creative ideas can do ATM (Observe, Imitate, and Modify). PKM ideas do not have to be complicated, simple enough, according to current global issues, and are very useful for the wider community and elevate local wisdom.

What are the characteristics of PKM?




In general, details about PKM Click the following guide link, guys:


Then when will UMA hold PKM 2021, and what about the time line?


So it's clear, bro !!

Hurry up and join in, and don't be confused, contact the vice dean 3 in each of your faculties, guys!

UMA Achievement Cluster Team Secretariat

Indah Apriliya (PIC PKM)






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